Pest control

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240.00 Lei
Modelul intermediar  InsectoKill - M40  este special destinat utilizarii in spatii inchise, dispune de doua tuburi de 20W. Insectele sunt atrase de tuburile ultraviolete si e..

Ecostripe Flycatcher

1.30 Lei
Double sided adhesive paper strip with attractant guaranteeing efficient trapping of houseflies (Musca domestica).The key parameter of our product is the quality of our glue. It is optimally set up to..

Metal mouse trap

8.00 Lei
Metal mouse trap.100% eficienti.Good quality...

Metal rat trap

10.00 Lei
Metal rat trap.High efficienty.Easy handling...

Plastic mouse trap

6.00 Lei
Plastic mouse trap:High efficiency.Easy handling.Good quality...

Rat killer perfect 250 g

10.00 Lei
Rat killer perfect 250 g Pink, tasty granules for fighting ratsfast.For rats 30-60g every 5-10m, and for mice15-20 g every 2-5m...

Vibrasonic molechaser 1500 MP PS 339

140.00 Lei
This state of the art device is the most advanced and powerful deterrent available against underground intruders. It works to deter moles, gophers, voles, shrews, pocket mice, ground squirrels and man..

Wood mouse trap

4.00 Lei
Wood mouse trap.Can be used in house,barn and yard. Good quality...
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